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Will Preppers Need DBS?

Sep 1

Will there still be a requirement to be checked out or vetted for work, if there is a huge, natural disaster?

A background check is a process where someone goes through an employee's history to see if they have any criminal evidence. It also determines whether or not the person has the right qualifications for that particular job. Background checks are especially important when it comes to hiring somebody who will work with children, because there can be serious consequences if something were to happen to a child while in a persons care.



Some criminal records may be considered a red flag for an employer, such as if the person has been convicted of sexual assault. A potential employee with a sexual conviction will typically have to provide more than what would be needed without it, and most likely that individual won't get hired in situations where children are present.


Can I work in a school without a DBS?

To work in a school, or in any position that has contact with children, without a DBS check is illegal. This is why teaching professionals are vetted like this.


What does it do?

A background check can help your business find out about potential employees and whether they have the qualifications for a certain job- but also if there are any red flags on their record that may prevent them from getting hired.

Can my employer see my DBS online?

Once you have applied for a DBS check and it has been successful, the employer will be able to see this on your record. They may also ask you if they can contact anyone from your list of references- so make sure you give them permission to do this before providing their details.

Can I get my own copy?

If something comes up that is of concern to you, then the employer may offer to give you a copy of your DBS check- if they don't provide this automatically.

What does it cost?

A basic DBS certificate costs £12 and is valid for 12 months. You can choose to purchase one that lasts longer or more in depth, but these will be slightly more expensive.

Does a DBS check affect credit score?


A DBS check does not affect your credit score.


Why You Need to Do Background Checks on Employees such as dbs checks

- A successful application for a dbs check will show up in the employer's view, so make sure you give them permission before providing their details

- If something comes up that is of concern to you then you need to think about applying for this.


What is the difference between a CRB and a DBS?


- CRB stands for Criminal Records Bureau and is used to check the background of anyone who works in a position that involves children.

- The DBS, on the other hand, checks all staff who work with adults or vulnerable people such as members of our armed forces and emergency service personnel.

If you're looking for what's the type that you need, then you'll need to work out whether the person will be working with children or adults.

- CRB checks are compulsory for people who want to work in a position where they might come into contact with children, but can also look at other vulnerable groups

- DBS checks on staff are used by employers and organisations that employ more than 250. This includes tutoring, as one example.