This sinking sensation is all too noticeable: you notice a strange pinch, look down and discover a new insect bite – sometimes immediately, but often only days later. It hurts, itches relentlessly, or both, and you have absolutely no idea which animal might be causing it.

That’s because almost all insect bites look pretty similar, and many experts believe that unless you actually catch them in the act, it can be difficult to identify the culprit because everyone’s immune system reacts differently to bites and stings. If you experience symptoms other than mild itching or pain, see a doctor or see a doctor right away to make sure you are not having a severe allergic reaction, an insect-borne disease, or an infection.

Everything that has been said, the area around the site of the bite or sting where you were attacked, and other clues could reveal the identity of the offending insect – here are the most common ones to keep on your radar.