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4-year-old man’s father in Dallas apologizes for abandoning children

via Trevor Gernon, the 4-year-old boy’s father, who was kidnapped from his bed and dumped dead on a Dallas street, says he will never forgive himself for leaving his son and twin brother with a friend while he was taking the city down Skipping a cloud of legal troubles, Trevor Gernon posted a recorded statement on his sister’s YouTube account apologizing for not looking after his son Cash and asking the public not to be too harsh on him. When he moved to Dallas, he was pulling an old friend’s Monica Sherrod, and when he returned to Houston “after an unsuccessful job hunt, among other things,” he decided that they would get along better with her. “I felt it was in the boys’ best interests not to disturb their routine.” He said about Cash and his brother Carter, who was not injured and is now with his mother. “They were comfortable, they were with other children, and it seemed that Monica was a trustworthy person. This decision, which I made with the best of intentions, has produced a terrible result. “On May 15th, an intruder was caught by a baby monitor camera sneaking into Cash and Carter’s bedroom at Sherrod’s and lifting the boy who was still asleep from his bed. Two hours later, a passer-by found the child’s body on the street. The police said he was stabbed. 18-year-old Darriynn Brown, who has some nebulous relationships with Sherrod’s family, has been charged with kidnapping and burglary, but police are awaiting forensic test results to make a decision on murder charges. Investigators have not released a motif, and Brown’s mother has said she thinks her son is being framed. Sherrod told reporters Gernon left town after being ordered into rehab by a court. CrimeOnline received court records showing several pending charges against Gernon in Harris County. Referring to his legal troubles, Geron said on the tap: “I have to fear for my freedom as the goal of some is to put me in prison rather than mourn the loss of my little boy. “He did not reveal his location or his legal status. Sometimes he cried and took responsibility for not protecting the twins.” I paid the highest and most painful price for my poor judgment and I have to live with this devastation every day, ” He said, “I will never forgive myself. If I could, I would go back and do everything differently. This is a nightmare that doesn’t go away when I open my eyes in the morning. We just don’t understand how it makes you so smart and happy.” Addressing the boys’ mother, Melinda Seagroves added, “I am so sorry I did not protect him. That is my job as his father and I have not been able to do it.” , and I’m sorry. ”As reported by The Daily Beast, Gernon has made a number of arrests over the years and spent 68 days in jail for an attack during 2018 on his father a dispute over a credit card bill. The Weird New Twist in the Case of 4-year-old Cash Gernon after his drug abuse indictment last November, he failed to show up for a hearing on March 29, 2021, forfeiting a $ 10,000 bond payment. There is now an open arrest warrant against him. Johnny Flanagan, whose son gave Gernon a job in his business until they had an argument, told The Daily Beast, “He’s one of those guys who goes any way, you know, and he’s going to be doing good for a few months and then doing bad things for several months and you know, just get up and leave. “In the recording, Gernon asked the public opinion court for mercy.” I can hardly get through a day that doesn’t take me to a dark place, “he said. “I hope you all could understand how fragile we all are and how quickly things can turn upside down …” I would hope that we can all work together and join forces to make sure Cash gets justice he deserves. Read more at The Daily Beast Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories you care about. Learn more.