DENVER – There is a sanctuary in Colorado for those who are ready to be prepared for anything.

As the world is constantly changing, some of the risks society faces may be unaware.

“If that happens, it will lead to a breakdown,” said Drew Miller, CEO of Fortitude Ranch. “A breakdown means the loss of law and order.”

If there was a bigger risk, would you be prepared?

“My name is Kiki and I’m prepared,” said Kiki. She is what you would call a “prepper”.

A prepper is a person who believes that a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and prepares for it.

Miller said he had been a prepper for most of his adult life, working for the US Department of Defense.

“I was an intelligence officer in the Air Force and always watched threats,” Miller said.

Miller had a vision of a place called. to accomplish

Power ranch.

It started in West Virginia, and now Miller took the survival community to an area in southern Colorado.

From the outside, the ranch blends in with the surrounding area like a bed and breakfast, but for those who are members, this place serves as a haven for those preparing for a disastrous event.

“We’re building this place and preparing it for any kind of collapse,” Miller said. “The reason so many of us prepare is because we understand human nature. The Fortitude Ranch is both a survival and recreational facility. “

According to Miller, the place is for those who can escape in the event of a breakdown, and it serves as a defensive structure for all “looters”.

Kiki, a member of the Colorado ranch, said the Fortitude Ranch will serve a purpose.

“I really don’t live for the zombie apocalypse,” said Kiki, “but it’s nice to know that if something should happen, there is a place to go.”

Miller said each member pays $ 1,000 for the year and has the option to store their supplies, including weapons, on the ranch.

The Colorado ranch is still in the early stages of construction, but once it’s finished, Miller says it will stand against a tree-lined mountain to help defend. He also said there would be underground bunks.

“We will also have a wall around the entire complex of nine watchtowers to overlook the area,” he said.

Miller said the ranch should be operational by the middle of this year.

To register, you can visit the Fortitude Ranch website