Brandon Eriksson shows the ReadyWise food kits. Image: Weatherboy

With the start of the hurricane season, there is advice to prepare for: have a plan, have your supplies ready, and know your evacuation zone. While the peak of the hurricane season in the Atlantic will not be reached until mid-September, the start of the season in June serves as a reminder to prepare. And while many stock up on a week or two worth of supplies now before a tropical storm or hurricane, one company makes it possible to stock up on groceries once that can last for 25 years.

ReadyWise is a Salt Lake City, UT-based company that provides simple and affordable ready-made meals for emergency preparedness and outdoor use. The feed is freeze-dried and dehydrated so that it is ready to eat after adding water. “We pack the groceries in these really handy Mylar bags, so they have anywhere from two and a half to four servings depending on the packaging,” said Brandon Ericksson, Vice President of Sales at ReadyWise. This makes meals easy and convenient, according to Ericksson, something you would need during or just after a natural disaster. “You’re not dealing with those big, bulky cans or big bags of food; You can easily open the bag and cook for one to four people. Then continue with the next meal. “

This special kit from ReadyWise includes creamy noodles and chicken, teriyaki chicken and rice, lasagna with sausage and chilli mac with beef, among other things. Image: ReadyWise

The company offers a popular 72-hour kit. “These packages are designed for one person with 1,800 calories per day for three days,” said Eriksson. It would cover 3 meals a day plus powdered milk. He says the advantage of these kits is that you don’t have to buy them year after year. When properly stored, the kits will last 25 years thanks to the technology of the Mylar packaging. “This really gives you the peace of mind that in any type of emergency you will have good comfort food that will provide your family with health and nutrition.”

The company offers more than just grocery bags. Another popular item is the “bug-out bag,” a backpack filled with groceries and other essentials that you might need to evacuate to a safer place. “You will also need a variety of things that you will need: you have a fire lighter, a water filtration system, even a stove,” said Eriksson. Evacuation orders are not always given days in advance, sometimes it can be hours or even minutes before an impending disaster. “It can be overwhelming: where do I start, what do I need, how do I feed my family?” Ericksson says that all of these questions can be easily answered with one bag that you can just grab and go.

ReadyWise offers a variety of meals and accessories through its website Products are also offered through retailers such as Walmart, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and The food and emergency equipment makes it perfect for a hurricane kit, but can also be used in other emergencies or just for a casual day out in the wild. “I have a child who begs me to bring the pasta Alfredo home and he’ll eat it straight out of the bag,” said Eriksson.