In the case of Judgment Day election night, the preppers sell emergency survival foods.

While “long-life” food sales typically increase in the context of natural disasters and elections, “it is more intense than in 2012,” said Keith Bansemer, vice president of marketing for My Patriot Supply, a survival food manufacturer and seller. In the previous elections, his company had double sales. This time it’s triple.

“We have all we can on the phone,” he said. “We are overwhelmed.”

A flyer image showing a one year supply of food for four people.My Patriot Supply

Purchases from other long-term grocery companies have also increased. Another company, Legacy Foods, said sales had also increased 300 percent. TheEpicenter, the online shop for emergency preparedness, recorded an increase in sales of 6 percent compared to the previous year.

The meals sold by the plastic bucket or container are typically dehydrated or freeze-dried foods in sealed, military-grade mylar packs. Menu items include Pasta Primavera, Hawaiian-style sweet n ‘sour, cheesy broccoli rice soup, orange energy drink mix, and chocolate pudding. They are sold in bundles depending on how long they feed you.

For $ 2,000 spent at Legacy Foods, you can eat three meals a day for a full year. That’s 1,080 servings. TheEpicenter has a 14-day shipping kit for $ 235 that recently “sold really well,” said owner Bryan Nelson. My Patriot Supply’s most popular entry-level seller is a 3-month deal for $ 497. It comes in a nondescript gray, narrow container that is designed to be easily stacked on the back of a closet or slid under your bed.

Well-known retailers are included. Costco sells a 1 month supply of 390 servings in gallon plastic pails for $ 114.99. Wal-Mart also has a bucket deal.

What is nourishing this new urgency? Survivors say they are preparing for post-election riots, which could include anything from massive civil unrest to power outages to the total collapse of the financial system where a can of food becomes currency.

And it’s not just people who dig a hole in their farm and fill it with MREs that drive sales, companies say, but teachers, mothers, and successful financial planners as well. It’s not just limited to rural areas either.

A selection of freeze-dried foods sold by Wise.wise

Frederick Reddie, a 41-year-old urban prepper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is filling up on staples like rice and peanut butter and is working to expand his 6-month emergency food supply to two years. He’ll have to use a pseudonym to protect his supplies from future hungry neighbors, he told NBC News.

Reddie predicts a Trump victory that will outrag the urban poor across the country and introduce martial law to quell civil unrest and corporate burning.

But he is also preparing for the possibility of a Clinton victory, which in his opinion will lead to conflicts with Russia and the “3rd World War 2017 ”could lead.

Either way, Freddy is ready – with both supplies and some advice.

“At least stock up your closets like you knew a hurricane was coming,” he said. “It’s going to be like a hurricane that could hit any city in America.”

Companies are making efforts to point out that they are selling food not just for the collapse of civilization, but also for camping, outdoor recreation, and preparation for natural disasters like Ebola or volcanoes.

Their clients are cautious, self-sufficient, and pragmatic types, they say, history students who know things like stock market bubbles and crashes, go into cycles and take small, meaningful steps to regain control of a toxic choice. You always think ahead.

Cans that last 25 years are “better than money in the bank,” said Nelson. “If you think the value of money will go down, you can convert dollars into something tangible that you can use later,” either for eating or for barter.

Bansemer said his customers don’t necessarily fear a certain election result, but change themselves.

“You hear them say, no matter who wins, I know I could take a positive step myself and make sure what is important,” he said. “They secure their food supplies.”