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Almost a year after the remains of Lori Vallow’s two children were found in the backyard of her husband’s Idaho estate, the couple were charged with murder allegedly justified by their doomsday-oriented religious beliefs, authorities said Tuesday.

A grand jury indicted in Idaho Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow on several counts – including first degree murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder – related to the deaths of Vallow’s children, 7-year-old JJ Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan. Chad Daybell, a Doomsday writer, was also charged with first degree murder in the death of his ex-wife, Tammy Daybell. Vallow was charged separately with theft.

“All three murders and related financial crimes were committed under an ongoing criminal system,” Madison County Attorney Rob Wood said in a statement Tuesday.

In the indictment, prosecutors allege that Daybell and Vallow advocated and represented religious beliefs between October 26, 2018 and June 9, 2020 to promote and / or justify the murder of all three people.

According to text messages between the couple, they believed Tammy Daybell was in “Limbo … and possessed by a ghost named Viola,” the indictment read.

The attorney general of Idaho takes over the investigation of the doomsday couple

Prosecutors said Tuesday punishments for the most serious crimes against them range from life imprisonment without parole to the death penalty. It is not immediately clear whether the prosecution will pursue the death penalty.

JJ’s cousin Zac Cox was delighted the new feesand wrote on Twitter: “Finally !!! and on JJ’s birthday too. “

The couple, who are members of a community of doomsday preppers and were married two weeks after Daybell was widowed, are already in jail for several other crimes related to the children’s disappearance in September 2019 and their reluctance to tell the authorities Investigations to help.

The story goes on

Prosecutors are now claiming Daybell and Vallow murdered Tylee Ryan on September 8 or 9, 2019 after nearly a year of planning. About two weeks later, the couple killed JJ, the indictment said.

A month before the children went missing, Vallow allegedly diverted Tylee’s bank account and social security benefits to her own personal account. After JJ’s death, she did the same with his social security benefits.

In total, Vallow has reportedly accumulated social security benefits worth at least five months for Tylee Ryan and four months for JJ.

In January 2020, Vallow refused comply with a court order to father their two children– and asked a friend to falsely tell the police that she was watching her son.

Last June, Idaho authorities accused the couple of conspiracy to hide evidence after the remains of JJ and Tylee Ryan were found at Daybell’s home during an investigation into the disappearance of his two stepchildren.

Investigators said JJ Vallow– still in red pajamas – was found “tightly wrapped in black plastic” with her head, arms and feet tied with tape. A few meters away, authorities said they had found “a mass of burnt meat and charred bones” in a pet cemetery that was later determined to be the remains of Tylee Ryan.

However, questions remain as to how exactly the siblings died and whether the apocalyptic religious beliefs of Daybell and Mrs. Lori Vallow played a role.

The disappearance of Tylee and JJ also put the deaths of Vallow and Daybell’s former spouses on trial. In December 2019, the body of Daybell’s ex-wife, Tammy, was exhumed. Prosecutors now claim that Daybell murdered his ex-wife and that Vallow and her brother Alex Cox.who died of natural causes in December 2019 – conspired in the crime.

The indictment states that Daybell also used his religious beliefs to justify the murder of his ex-wife, and that the Doomsday writer and Vallow even texted Tammy’s “death percentages” in July 2019.

On September 8, the day prosecutors believe the couple killed Tylee, Daybell signed a motion with his wife to “increase their LifeMap insurance to the maximum allowed under their policy.”

The indictment states that Cox attempted to shoot Daybell’s ex-wife on October 9, 2019 – but it wasn’t until later that month that Daybell ended the crime.

It Apparently, the new fees aren’t Vallow’s only problem. In a Zoom hearing on Friday, 7th District Court judge Steven Boyce found Vallow penniless, which means she can’t afford to pay her own court fees.

Daybell and Vallow are expected to face new charges on Wednesday.

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