CAPE CORAL, Florida – In Cape Coral, the start of hurricane season isn’t a signal for family hardware to begin preparation, but rather a deadline for when certain items need to be in stock.

Staff Babs Moroney and Ryan Cooper say this isn’t their first hurricane rodeo, but they say it’s the first time they face a pandemic when it comes to filling their shelves.

“We’re going to run out of batteries quickly and then it’s hard to get enough for the lanterns and people even want little fans to run on batteries,” said Moroney.

“And with COVID, everything is behind schedule, so you want to get all you can while you can because it will be difficult to get back into stock,” Cooper said.

On Tuesday, Family Hardware was overflowing with items like batteries and gas cans. Two articles that Fox 4 reports are in high demand during the season.

Family Hardware says other items like propane tanks, generators, and charcoal bags are also becoming popular as they can help families who are losing electricity.

“They’re doubling their propane usage and even bringing half-empty tanks to the market,” said Moroney.

“And a lot of people come to make sure they have their hurricane screw plugs,” said

Top article for Hurricane preparation::

  • water
  • Batteries
  • propane
  • Bungee cords
  • Hurricane lock (hardware)
  • generator
  • Petrol can

Family Hardware says hurricane shutters are a great way to protect your home.

Homeowners should also clean all drains and gutters so rain can drain away from their home.

During the preparations, people are encouraged to start building supplies slowly, this will help people who cannot buy important things in advance and need to shop more frequently.