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Is There A University Course For Preppers?

Feb 21

Preppers University Courses:

Prepper's University - Home Preppers Survival Medicine Chest (Free Course) Prepper's University Intermediate Skills (Free Course) Prepper's University Advanced Training (Free course) A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Craig and Cindy Mudd and we've been in your shoes. We know what it takes to prepare for future disasters because we have experienced the chaos of Hurricane Katrina first hand. Will you be prepared in case of an earthquake? What about a financial collapse or terrorist attack? These and other events that may affect your life in the near future can cause panic when society breaks down. The most important thing many people forget is preparation, and that's where we can help. Prepper's University was created to be a community of like-minded individuals who have a desire to plan for the worst while hoping for the best. Our mission is to educate and inform others about what it takes to get families prepared with simple steps that anyone can do. In our courses, you will learn how to get started prepping on a budget by growing your own food, storing water, making solar ovens and safety kits from household items. The most important survival skill you must have however is the knowledge of how to use your gear along with developing skills in many areas such as:

Sewing and mending clothes Animal skinning and butchery Food preservation and storage Self Defense and combat medicine Hunting Fishing Trapping Foraging Gardening Survival cooking Off Grid cooking Fire Making Water Purification Bushcraft Archery Bow Making Basic tool making Advanced tool making Leather working Blacksmithing Primitive hunting techniques Primitive fishing techniques Cooking with hot rocks Flint knapping Plant identification Defense against wildlife Camouflage Tracking Snare building Raising chickens Keeping goats Keeping rabbits Bee keeping We even offer training in urban survival for when SHTF in the city.

We are confident that you will find something of value on Preppers University no matter your  skill level or budget. Get started today!

Craig Mudd

Craig is an actor turned prepper. He has worked in Hollywood for over 20 years in both film and television appearing in over 25 feature films with some of Hollywood's biggest stars such as Nicolas Cage, Mickey Rourke and Wesley Snipes. His film career has been highlighted in both independent films and studio blockbusters including Universal Soldier, Another 48 Hrs., The Quest, Gone In 60 Seconds, Red Planet, 8mm and many more. He also worked on several network television shows during this time such as "The O.C.", "CSI: Miami", "Bones" and "Days Of Our Lives". Craig is a black belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Karate. Both he and Cindy have completed training courses in Urban Survival from elite instructors in Los Angeles who teach these techniques to LAPD SWAT Teams, S.W.A.T., Special Forces, FBI HRT and US Marshal Services.

Cindy Mudd

Cindy is a veteran Hollywood production assistant who has worked in film and television for over 20 years. She has over 10 major studio films to her credit including National Treasure starring Nicolas Cage, White Chicks with the Wayans brothers, Red Planet with Val Kilmer, Red Dragon with Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Demme's remake of The Manchurian Candidate. She started her career working on Steven Spielberg productions in both Northern California and Israel while still in college. Most recently she has been developing her skills by studying under woodworkers in her area that have been creating custom furniture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for decades.