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What Preppers Need To Have Available

Feb 19

Preppers Essentials:

If the worst comes to the worst you need to be prepared. I'm not talking about online games or role play type gaming either. Forget the Zombie games you play online, here we are meaning floods, tornados or landslides, for example.

1) Survival Grenade

For civilians prepping for a catastrophe survival, there is no item more essential than the survival grenade. This device provides food, light and protection from elements when all of these comforts have been stripped away from the individual, family or group. In addition to being a sturdy defense against natural predators or hostile survivors during extended periods of isolation or forced impromptu sheltering from the weather, this ingenious piece of equipment will also provide comfort in its ability to keep you warm during nighttime hours while resting under open skies.

As with many other items on your list that can serve double duty in both self-defense and utility scenarios, a well equipped survivalist knows that the( survival grenade) can be used for more than just a way to create light from a flame.


2) Trangia Alcohol Stove

For maximum versatility, durability and convenience when cooking or heating water in the wilderness, you'll be hard pressed to find a better piece of equipment on your entire prepper's list than this alcohol stove made by Trangia. Unlike other items on the market that explicitly state their purpose as a means of fire-fuel or cooking device, this one is made with dual functionality in mind right from its inception. That being said, it provides excellent value when there are no alternatives left to "get the job done".

3)  Military Grade Food Ration Pouches

As a general rule, if you can't fit it in your wallet and don't mind the weight, you should probably carry it. What do we mean by that? Well, when it comes to keeping safe from enemies or predators during extended periods of isolation or forced sheltering from the weather, there are few items on this list that pack as much safety potential into such a small package as military grade food ration pouches. These self-sealing pouches provide a way to eat using only one hand while simultaneously leaving your other hand free for whatever task is at hand.

4) Basic First Aid Supplies

I know what you're thinking: "Is he really going to tell everyone about this?" First off, relax. We're the good guys here, just trying to help out humanity by sharing tips and tricks that can save lives in times of civil unrest or natural disaster. Second of all, yes I am going to tell you about this because it's important for everyone to know about first aid procedures. The reason being is that bad things are going to happen at some point during your prepper career, even if you try hard not to think about them.

5) Portable Water Filter Straws

Some people will tell you never drink water from a stream unless you boil it first or bring along a system designed for such purposes as filtering large quantities of fresh water quickly and efficiently through an attached hose. We agree with those guidelines but the problem with those methods is that they aren't as fast as you need them to be in a real survival situation. In the case of boiling water before drinking it, it will take roughly an hour and fifteen minutes for the process to complete itself.

6) High-Quality Compass

During your prepper career and especially during times of civil unrest and natural disaster, there will come a time when all electronic communications and global positioning satellite systems go down or malfunction. When this happens, it's amazing how much harder life becomes without basic direction input from either of those technologies. Therefore, we recommend keeping a compass on hand at all times during such periods so that you don't find yourself wandering aimlessly through the woods with no way to get back home.

7) Metal Match Tips for Stormproof Matches

Even though stormproof matches are designed to be capable of lighting under the most adverse conditions, sometimes it's nice to have a back-up plan in case they fail or you lose them somehow along the way. During times like these, it pays to carry metal match tips that can also serve as tinder if needed. For optimum value, we recommend keeping extra cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly (Vaseline petroleum jelly is preferred). If nothing else works, these actions will provide enough heat and flame transfer to successfully light any emergency fire or cooking device after scraping both sides of each matchstick against your this metal tip until the heads become red hot.

8) Books Or Games To Entertain Yourself

No matter the situation, you will need to keep both your physical and mental health in check if you hope to survive long enough amidst various dangerous predicaments. The best way to do this is by carrying things like books, cards, or games that can be used for entertainment purposes during extended periods of isolation.

Although you may lose internet access for online games, or until you lose power, card games will suffice. The most popular online games are Google-centric and that's why they go down first, like when we were all melting in the dark after Sandy. Even if you do have electricity and internet access, what happens next time the power goes out? Just one more reason to prepare ahead of time.