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11 Reasons Why a Best Backing Water Filter is Good for Out on the Trail

May 29

The best backpacking water filter is crucial for any outdoor enthusiast. After all, you never know when you might find yourself in an emergency situation and need a quick drink of water. As we've discussed before on this blog, there are many benefits when it comes to owning your own best backpacking water filter, but how do they work? Below are 11 reasons why the best backing water filter is good for out on the trail!


11 Reasons Why a Best Backing Water Filter is Good for Out on the Trail!

- best backpacking water filter is small and lightweight, making them an ideal choice for any backpacker not wanting to carry too much weight with their pack. Some are even compact enough that you can fit one in your pocket while camping or hiking

- best backing water filters have multiple layers of filtration which removes 99% of bacteria from contaminated sources - so you'll always know what's coming out of it will be safe to drink without worrying about getting sick (which could happen if using untreated surface runoff found near rivers)

- some companies offer replacement cartridges, meaning they're designed to last as long as possible instead of needing regular maintenance like some brands.


- they're great for campers and hikers who want to avoid disposable bottles or expensive bottle refills

- best backpacking water filters are also good at filtering out sediments, parasites, heavy metals, suspended solids, biological pollutants and chemical pollutants - so you can drink the cleanest tasting water possible.


Some manufacturers such as Katadyn and MSR produce water filters that can be back-flushed with a syringe to remove particulates.


When choosing which best backpacking filter is right for your outdoor needs, the first thing you should consider is how much water you need to drink at one time - or if it's more important that you're able to carry enough water in total on your adventure. For example, a Lifestraw Family Filter claims they'll provide an individual with two years of clean drinking water (but doesn't state exactly how much this will be). If space isn’t as big of an issue for the user though, then this might not necessarily matter since they could potentially just fill up when necessary while out on their trip anyway.


In case of emergencies or natural disasters, the best backpacking water filter can be crucial to survival.


The first and most important thing that any best filtering backpacker should consider is the size of their pack or how much weight they are willing to carry on their journey. This will dictate which type of filter would work best for them, as well as what kind of materials it might have (or not). It's also worth considering if you want something lightweight - some filters like Lifestraw Flex come in at just half an ounce! If space isn't so big of an issue though, this could always be alleviated by carrying extra bottles with you while out on your trip anyway.


It’s easy to get confused about what makes one best water filtration type better than others. Some people have the belief that iodine is a good option for backcountry camping, but this isn't true. Iodine tablets are only effective against bacteria and not viruses, so you're relying on your filter doing all of that work for you.


I hope my list has helped to clear up some misconceptions about best filtering water filters and what they can do in an emergency situation! In addition to carrying one with me while out on a trip, it's also worth considering if we should be investing in our own household filtration system at home as well. This will help us feel more prepared no matter where we are - even when just taking care of daily tasks around the house or vacationing somewhere else entirely!